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Newsletter N°12 - November 2014

Dear Members and Friends, 15/11/2014

As these wonderful body cells whose main feature is undoubtedly the intelligence on which even the quantum physics does not have access, the planet has its own reasons, that human reason does not understand. We do not yet know the intimacy of the cell; yet we question its cycles and what generates its evolution. Similarly, we are always surprised by the life of our planet and its own rhythms (“Eyh, the Earth is not for the exclusive service of humanity???”). These rhythms do not match those of men, and to our scale, they are real disasters.
One of these forthcoming disasters, on which we have decided to focus this time is the reversal of poles and one of its conséquences: the phasing out of the geomagnetic field.
Pending this reversal, our planet is alive : in Japan, a new island is growing and in Tunisia, a strange lake has appeared. But, unfortunately, the Aral Sea has almost disappeared in 50 years, and we do not pay enough attention to all this life : oceans are emptied of fish.

On the consomption side, marketing invented a label for organic palm oil without regard to forests and ecosystems destroyed.
Let’s put together our clock on time : note when the Homo sapiens arrived, and all he has (un)done since ...
Finally, our Agenda - TENDUA is joining the CAP LOUP collective ; and our pink book, a baby Yellow boxfish....
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