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Our Projects

As TENDUA intended at its inception, it has been able to support several programs implemented by other organisations. Thus, TENDUA supports protection programs for the snow leopard, the Hoolock gibbon, the Namib Desert lions, the tapir of Columbia. TENDUA fights against deforestation and the habitat loss of endangered species. TENDUA has also supported a project in favor of the Amur leopard.

TENDUA launched in 2010 its own program for dugongs observation in the Egyptian Red Sea. Dugongs are marine mammals, and they are declining all over the world. We invite you to look under “Our projects” for a description of the program.

Since 2011 TENDUA has been also a member of the Shark Alliance coalition and has worked on a better knowledge of this magnificient animal with the dedicated file and our blog www.protection-requins.org, and against finning.

Since 2014 TENDUA has joined CAP LOUP to protect the wolves in France.

Since 2014 TENDUA accompagnes sea excursions with the diving club “le Dodo palmé” to observe the humpback whales in the waters of the Reunion island during the austral winter (from mid-July to September)..

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