TENDUA - Association for biodiversity conservation

Newsletter N°7

Dear Members and Friends,

We wish you a delightful Spring 2012! Such a beautiful season full of promises… and why not, beautiful resolutions? The winter frost melts as we ponder.
Let us try to understand what the so-called renewable energies are. Instead of “renewing” them, can we not economize them?
In the chapter of our beautiful resolutions, we can also look over how we eat. The WWF said it: the West always requests choices in our way of eating, why not use this privilege?
On the international front, unfortunately, we have to grieve the death of an Amur leopard. Like the forests, corals are threatened and their extinction will have surprising consequences. In Egypt, a baby dugong was seen; and in Norway, permafrost watches over the world’s seedbank.
Finally, our agenda: do not forget to turn off the light on March 31 for Earth Day; then in April, Anna Jeretic, an artist committed to environmental action and friend of TENDUA, has a show in Paris. And a needed reminder about shark products. To finish, our carnet rose will teach us a little more about the hippopotamus. Happy Reading!

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