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Newsletter n°10

Dear Members and Friends,

In August 2013, humanity, with its unbridled consumption, has exceeded the regenerative capacity of the Earth. This information has not made​much noise and we continue to consume, in the mistaken belief that technology will save us. However, the only way to change our world begins with the lowering of our consumption at all levels. Don’t believe that shale gas is a solution to our energy future : we are going to explain how this is an illusion.

Another aspect of our overconsumption is the invasion of our waste. We have already talked about the pollution of the oceans in our Newsletter n°5. Let’s see how much time it takes for them to decca in nature.... And let’s try to reduce them and don’t throw them away anywhere!

Other medium that is being depleted: the oceans, i.e. the 2/3 of our planet. A study just asserts that it was feared: our oceans are sick. At the same time, a good initiative from the Pitcairn Islands: where there is a project of creation of the largest marine protected area in the world. Unfortunately, in Baja California, 3 rare animals have stranded in 8 days.

In France, the 3rd International Congress of marine protected areas (IMPAC3) was held in Marseille: lyrics, writings but what are the actions to be taken, from when and how??
Still in France, amateur fishing collected more than 20 000 tones of fish in 2012.

To end on an optimiste note, in France, in the Pyrenees, a video of the bear Hvala showing to her two cubs how to behave with a tree.
Finally some dates in our Agenda and, for our Pink Book, a baby olinguito. To learn more ...

Enjoy reading!

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