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Newsletter n°14 - April 2016

Please find hereafter our 2016’s springtime newsletter.

BRIEF NEWS : in France, the law on - or against?- biodiversity to be voted by French Senators, Paris goes green, and from green light to red one, the scandal of red mud that pollutes les Calanques de Cassis (Cassis’ Creeks) for more than 50 years with the blessing of the prefet of Les Bouches-du-Rhône acting «upon order» of the French Prime Minister. Don’t forget that April 25th is the World Penguin Day!
We have tried to understand a little bit more about the sheep breeding sector in France, where the romantic picture of the shepherd giving a name to each of its new-born sheep is quite far away from reality : unfortunately France kills its wolves and mistreats its sheep ?

TENDUA’s FRENCH NEWS : last news about the rendez-vous of the collective of environmental associations CAP LOUP with the representatives of the French Government, and about the 72 threatened to extinction sharks that have been killed between June 2015 and April 2016 by the Reunionese fishing program Cap Requins 2 under the false but very profitable pretext of the reassurance of the ocean.

Some BREAKING NEWS on projects supported by TENDUA : the release into the wild of a couple of Hoolock gibbons thanks to the HURO Program of SVAA and the birth of the next generation of Desert lions in Namibia : that are great news!!

Finally, our AGENDA and our PINK NOTEBOOK with the New-Zealand fur seal.

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