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Too late for being pessimistic

TENDUA was created in 2008, following a trip to India where, despite numerous national parks, wildlife and its habitat are threatened by human presence. Unfortunately, worldwide, biodiversity is in danger on land and in the seas.

The 6th major extinction of biodiversity

If some new species are still discovered from time to time, many more have disappeared already, such as the Yangtze dolphin, the clouded leopard in Taiwan, the cougar of the East cost of the United States, just to name a few of the most publicized, and many more species, plant and animal, are still endangered of extinction.
The most fragile are the top-predators as they occupy the top of the trophic chain.
Some emblematic animals such as the tiger, the lion, the polar bear, but also herbivorous such as elephants and rhinos, some cetaceans and shark species are threatened of extinction into the wild before 2020, i.e. tomorrow.... Old-grost forests and incredible ecosystems are destroyed everyday by our human activities, to produce more and more... These losses will not be without effect on man.

The 6th major extinction of biodiversity is in progress: in 150 years the man managed to destroy his environment, as he had never done before. The previous extinctions that scientists know were the result of an evolutionary process; nowadays the planet’s balance is heavily threatened by human activities.

In August 2013, it was estimated that humanity, in its unbridled consumption has exceeded the regenerative capacity of the Earth.

The industrials are rushing for patents on not yet listed animals and not yet recorded plants, that are living in oceanic “no-man’s-lands” or in the rare primary still forests existing (for how long?) of the poorest countries. What for? To pull a net sharp profit under the fallacious pretext to find treatments for the troubles of the richest countries. The politics of any edges and horizons are strewing their electoral speeches with “new environmental priorities” which are very soon downgraded given “the difficult economic situation”, and every of them to venture in the “green business”, in the “fair trade” or in the “Socially Responsible Investments”, with motivations which are not the ones that we could hope.

However, we do not have time to be pessimistic. Beautiful things still surround us and there are some beautiful places, on lands and seas, that we can preserve. We can all act individually by small daily actions, and also collectively, a thorough movement is already on its way: TENDUA wishes to contribute in.

A new type of relationship between the man and the nature

TENDUA is suggesting to each of us to think about a new type of relationship between the man and the nature. The nature is wrongly considered as a resource. It leads humans to use the nature and to consider that all this generosity, this beauty and very concretely “raw materials”, water and air are there at his disposal, to his service and for any eternity (at least for his life expectancy). The existing relationship between the “civilized man”- or “last people” - and the nature can not be anymore described as being harmonic, as are those of some”first peoples" that are going to be eradicated from the lands that we dispossess them.
Anyway, it is a question of changing a little bit one’s frame of reference and to become aware of our freedom of choice: we are lucky, for the most part of us, to feel concerned by our environment, and to become an actor, at our level.

Concretely, that it does mean? In our everyday life, it means being more attentive to our consumption, more alerted in what is taking place around us: for example, to read labels allows understanding from where comes a product, to prefer some and to avoid others, not wasting water, be aware as possible of the impact of our choices - even personal - on the state of the planet. Around the world.

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Membership and partnership

Press Release 2015

We remind you that TENDUA is a fully independent association and does not benefit from any subsidies or any operating funding. We operate only from your memberships and partnerships and also the help of the professional photo laboratory RainbowColor and the nature’s books publisher Empreinte & Territoires. Collected money is forwarded directly to conservation programs, the operating expenses of the association are being minimised and managed, for the most part, by the founding members.