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Newsletter N°12 - November 2014

PLANET : to put the clock straight

With all the information floating around, published as soon as abandoned for proceeding to the next, a little humility and discernment would not hurt us ...
Most of us remain convinced that humans (Homo sapiens) is at the top of the evolutionary tree ... This is a classic representation, though somewhat obsolete. To place us so high, harder will be the fall!

Originally, our intelligence was at the service of improving our daily lives, along a development axis oriented essentially to the mechanical progress. Today, the marketing campaigns sell us the material and physical improvement of “our” life, the aim now is the financial gain. Thus, we produce, we consume more and more and our “progressive” intelligence is now in the service of money and power, i.e. to pump ever more natural resources of the planet, ignoring the danger that it represent for all mankind (including those who are not able to consume).

The Earth
The Earth’s clock.
© Tendua

Homo sapiens who arrived within the last 30 seconds of the age of our planet, has reached to upset the balance of our Mother Earth, putting his own species in danger.
Yet the intelligence that characterizes our species is also the means to stop the ongoing ecological disaster. The consequences of these disasters - most of which are caused by our human activities for the greed - are predicted by the international scientific community since longtime .... But nothing happens!

We play, passively or not, the sorcerer’s apprentice, believing master nature, defying its rules, which 99% still escape us ...
If the end of our species is written, why are we in such a hurry to finish ?? In suffering and destroying everything we can before, on behalf of what exactly ??

Some adopt a philosophical attitude by declaring that in any case, nature is dying, with us, but nature will regenerate ... so ??? Is this a reason to let do??
The reversal of poles, the climate changes, the loss of species, ... all that is part of the evolution: life is movement, whether we like it or not.
but WE, humans, are responsible for the rapid destruction of species, the holes in the ozone layer to allow our plants to operate on behalf of our «material comfort»...

Did we choose a wrong target : money instead of life?
Can’t we reconsider what we are doing globally, recognize our mistakes and not continue on these dangerous routes for all for the benefit of a few? Who has that power? Those who keep us in the illusion of full consumption, the full employment and personal enrichment or us, all the others? And if we, each of us decides to keep its own power, if each of us could simply decide just to live and respect our environment that, for thousands of years, strives to give us everything we need: freshwater, clean air, food ... ?

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